The Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland is proud to celebrate its 40th anniversary!

We are  a UK based charity which supports a diversity of projects which enhance and enrich the lives of vulnerable people with learning disabilities and extra support needs. This support comes in the form of small grants and low interest loans which are often required to kickstart a project. The funding received to enable this financial support comes from legacies and donations.

Formerly named the Thomas Weihs Trust, it was set up in 1984 in memory of Thomas Weihs, an Austrian doctor, and one of the founding members of the Camphill movement. He was a much loved and respected doctor who devoted his life to Camphill, supporting children and adults with learning disabilities.

In 1989, the Thomas Weihs Trust was renamed the Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland to reflect that its purpose was to be for the benefit of all Camphill Communities in the UK and Ireland and in 2007 it received charitable status.

The work of the Foundation is managed by a committee comprising two Director Trustees, Simon Beckett, and Rainer Reinardy and seven Trustees who help to inform and guide the decision-making process.

Over the years, the Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland has supported a variety of projects and initiatives with donations to the value of over £1.4 million. The very first donation of £2,500 was gifted to Loch Arthur in 1984, a Camphill Community in South-West Scotland. The donation contributed towards the general setting up costs of this new community and was soon followed by a further £5,000.

In the last ten years alone, 34 Camphill communities and associated endeavours (Alliance for Camphill and Camphill Scotland) have been supported, some of these multiple times. This support has enabled new initiatives to start, created or improved facilities and developed vital opportunities for creative and fulfilling work. Grants and loans have contributed to building projects; education and training; publications; exhibitions (such as the worldwide weave); conferences and research.

Today, Camphill is a world-wide initiative, dedicated to building communities where everyone can find purpose and belonging. There are 62 Camphill communities in the UK & Ireland alone and not only does Camphill play an important role in the health, social care and educational sectors, it provides homes and communities, meaningful work for a significant number of people, and establishes a mutually fruitful relationship with local communities.

The Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland is committed to supporting the inspiring work of the Camphill communities and associated organisations and would like to express thanks to their dedicated Trustees and those who provide donations and legacies. This kindness goes a long way in supporting the Camphill Communities and impacts the lives of many.

If you would like to donate to The Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland, or arrange a Gift in Will, please click here for further information.

 “We are very proud of our accomplishments over the last 40 years, and it is a great honour to be able to support so many wonderful projects. The ideas and initiatives being developed within the Camphill Communities are truly inspirational and it gives us great pleasure knowing that we play an important role in helping to make these projects come to life. Here’s to another 40 years and beyond, supporting the inspirational work of Camphill! Simon Beckett, Chairman.

The Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland would like to invite Communities to approach them for financial support. Please click here for details of the application process and to view some of the other projects that we have been involved with, please click here.