Camphill International Youth Conference | Mourne Grange, May 2024

Youth Conferences have a well-established history in Camphill and many long-standing co-workers share memories of Youth Conferences in the 70s. This awareness of each other and deep friendships between individuals and communities across the world are things that have taken place in Camphill over generations. Bringing this strength of the network of people surrounding the Camphill movement to a new generation, is of such importance to the future of Camphill and is the driving force behind making the Youth Conference happen each year.

The Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland is always keen to support such initiatives in engaging with a new generation and has provided a grant of £3,000 to assist with the cost of this year’s Youth Conference, being held at Camphill Community Mourne Grange in May.

The theme of the conference is, ‘Celebrating Diversity in Community – a healing journey of self-discovery and shared inspiration’ and through talks, workshops and events, the day will explore biodiversity, neurodiversity and cultural diversity.

The tickets for this year’s conference have now sold out but we will announce the date and location for the 2025 conference in the coming months.