Harom Galamb | Another step forward in their journey! 

Harom Galamb is a charity based in Romania with connections with Camphill Communities throughout the UK. Their vision is to build up a small but diverse social care provision which provides vulnerable young adults with necessary elements in life which will help them with the transition into adulthood – meaningful work and work experience, social integration and a sense of belonging, increased independence, skills and confidence. 

In 2020/21 The Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland seed-funded the early stages of Harom Galamb’s purpose-built Day Centre project by providing a grant for the architectural design brief. This was the first stepping-stone in striving toward their objective of creating a day service provision for young adults with learning disabilities and to reach their goal of offering opportunities for 12 to 20 young people in the Day Centre at any one time, meaning 40 to 50 beneficiaries of the service each week. 

A crucial element of the Day Centre is ensuring that the young adults have safe and reliable transport to and from their placements and The Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland are delighted to support this necessity with a grant of £20,000. 

With an additional donation of 1000 Euros from the Combridge Deutsche Telekom company in Romania, and after careful consideration about what type of vehicle to purchase, it was decided that two, 7-seater cars would best serve their needs, enabling 10 young adults, living in different locations, to attend their day services each day. 

The first car has arrived at its new home, and it is wonderful to see this dream become a reality. It is a comfortable Seat Alhambra with sliding doors which allows easy transition from a wheelchair to the car and plenty of boot space to store a wheelchair safely while travelling. The second car will arrive in a few weeks’ time. 

“One of the most challenging tasks at Harom Galamb is to organise the daily logistics of transport of 10 young adults from 7 different locations. Having our own cars for the project has been a long-time dream for all of us. The generous support from the Camphill Foundation makes such a positive impact on the wellbeing of our beneficiaries and staff. The search for the cars, the purchase of the first one and its arrival has brought so much excitement and joy to all. Our young people feel true ownership over this car. It’s been a very special experience for me to see them in this process. Thank you!”

Zsuzsa Filipov-Soó 

It is an honour to support Harom Galamb in achieving another milestone! 

To find out more about the charity, please visit www.haromgalamb.com

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