Day Service provision | Harom Galamb, Romania

Harom Galamb, is a charity based in Romania with connections with Camphill Communities throughout the UK.

“Our vision is to build up a small but diverse social care provision which provides vulnerable young adults with those necessary elements in life which are the stepping-stones into adulthood – meaningful work and work experience, social integration and a sense of belonging, increased independence, skills and confidence.” Zsuzsa Filipov-Soo

The Camphill Foundation UK and Ireland seed funded this early-stages project by providing a grant of £8,063 in 2020/2021 for an architectural design brief for their, built for purpose, Day Centre. This was the first stepping-stone in striving toward their objective of creating a day service provision for young adults with learning disabilities in Romania. With further funding received from the Michael Foundation (Germany), building work began on the foundations of the new Day Centre in the Autumn of 2022.

In conjunction with this, the small derelict house on the land of Harom Galamb has been refurbished and has served as their first workshop space since May 2022 and the local church have granted use of one of their buildings, which has been adapted for purpose. At the end of March 2023, Harom Galamb received a license for the Day Centre for adults with disabilities meaning that 10 adults can attend their activities on a weekly basis – a huge milestone in their mission. In addition to this, the license opens the possibility to apply for government funds after the beneficiaries, which will contribute to the sustainability of the project.

Harom Galamb have since started to develop an organic/biodynamic garden on their land, and they have set up a variety of workshops which cater for a variety of needs and abilities (such as gardening and estate work, weaving and felting, cooking and catering, food processing and recycling) along with other community service workshops to offer ‘meaningful work’ which has purpose, is needed by others in the wider community, has viable outcomes and good training possibilities.

Work and training aspects of their service is complimented by social and therapeutic inputs including art, music and dance, with the possibility of further one-to-one therapeutic support, as well as social and cultural events and group outings.

The funding from The Camphill Foundation has been of huge importance in kick-starting this project in its infancy. Having witnessed the work done by the founders during their time with communities in Camphill Scotland – demonstrating their expertise, love and commitment for this group of vulnerable people, The Camphill Foundation was keen to support them in their wish to carry the seed further afield to Transylvania, where such services are not available.

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