Pond House | A perfect new home

The Mount is a Camphill Community in Wadhurst, East Sussex. It was recognised that there was a need for Mount co-housers to have the opportunity to leave the protective environment of The Mount’s campus and live a fuller, more integrated life outside of the Community. This need was met by expanding and diversifying the Mount offer. In 2017, Pond House was purchased with a clear plan for it to become their next co-housing provision. This project is part of The Mount’s pioneering new model of provision for and with young people with learning disabilities offering supported, independent and community living.

The Mount’s co-housing programme aims to:

  • develop and sustain a healthy, vibrant co-housing Community
  • encourage personal growth and wellbeing
  • promote the care and nurture of the environment
  • recognise, value, and genuinely foster the uniqueness of each person in the Community.

Co-housing is a pioneering, social-housing venture that is admirably suited to the present moment where acute housing shortages, the sharing of resources and sustainability for the future are issues that concern us all. It is very much a model for our time.

Pond House required extending, improving and refurbishment to provide a home for a maximum of six co-housing residents, along with full time experienced co-workers who live on site, so in 2017, The Mount embarked on their fundraising campaign to raise their target of £613,000 to make this possible.

The Camphill Foundation provided a grant of £20,000. Students, co-housers, families and friends raised over £78,000 towards the campaign, supported by several high-net-worth individuals and grants which were awarded by over 15 trusts and foundations. The National Lottery Community Fund pledged £100,000 and their target was met.

Peter Bateson, Chairperson of The Mount, said, We feel that the support received from all the trusts and foundations and generous donors, truly validates the faith in The Mount and this project and brings us to a secure and strong position not only for Pond House itself but for us as a charitable organisation.”  

For further information, please visit www.mountcamphill.org