Expansion and development | Hoyland Hill House, Tiphereth, Edinburgh

Tiphereth Camphill Community on the outskirts of Edinburgh provides residential and day services and social enterprises for adults and young people with learning disabilities and other complex needs. Regardless of their ability, everyone at Tiphereth is encouraged to fulfil their potential. Through living, working and growing together everyone can experience a sense of belonging, making a meaningful contribution and enjoying lifelong learning.

Tiphereth purchased 2 hectares of land and various buildings when the adjacent golf club closed in 2014. The clubhouse has been renamed Hoyland Hill House in honour of Tiphereth’s founders Eric and Ann Hoyland. It is a three-storey building which will be converted into a mixture of flats, workshops and community space. Camphill Foundation has given financial assistance with fitting out the new print studio and kitchen workshop.

Residential services are at the heart of the community. Residents live in shared living settings and have a full community life. Through supportive and meaningful relationships, including reciprocal relationships between people with and without learning disabilities, residents experience a sense of belonging. The three new flats will provide a home and a fulfilling experience for six new tenants.

Meaningful work is very important to everyone. Knowing that what you do matters and is valued by the community contributes greatly to an individual’s sense of wellbeing, feeling of belonging and of self-worth. The print workshop will provide this work opportunity for twelve people per day which translates to 20-30 individuals overall. The middle floor will also include a meeting hall, offices, kitchen and life-skills room.

The special needs sector in Scotland is substantial, with around 26,000 people with varying levels of learning disability and autism. As young people come through the school and college systems they start to look for accommodation away from the parental home and to find long-term housing as adults. This cohort transitioning into adulthood is the main source of new members for Tiphereth’s day care services.

For further information, please visit www.tiphereth.org.uk