Research into the needs of the elderly

Supporting new directions for older people

Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland has assisted a research and development project looking at the current and future needs of older people in Camphill communities and ways in which these needs can be met.

Jeannie Carlson is the manager at Simeon Care for the Elderly, the Camphill community in Aberdeen that has grown up to meet the needs of those with and without learning disabilities.

Funding from the Camphill Foundation allowed Jeannie to travel to gather information and build up a network of people interested in developing care for the elderly. It allowed her to bring together a focus group and highlight the necessity for all Camphill communities to consider how best they can provide care for older people.

The work that was started off in this way has continued to include research into the possible establishment of independent purpose-built elder care facilities, into the needs of older people who wish to stay at home in their existing Camphill communities, also to support sharing of information and experience among those currently caring for older people, to build a practical and knowledge resource within Camphill.